Save A Baby From Abortion

The overturning of Roe v. Wade was an amazing legal victory, but it didn’t make unplanned pregnancies go away. Each time new abortion restrictions go into effect, the demand for life-saving services increases. While this historical legal change is a HUGE answer to prayer, for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, the anxiety and distress we are seeing is unprecedented. Illinois has become the abortion hub of the Midwest. We continue to see desperate moms, scared by what they hear in the news and desperate to know what their options are as they stare down an unplanned pregnancy. 

Through Lifeline Coalition’s helpline that connects women with life-saving services, you can reach desperate parents with the transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and save their babies from abortion. 

When a young woman learns she’s unexpectedly pregnant, she searches urgently for help. She’s likely to go online. There, she finds the number for our clinic. She may still be breathless with panic when she connects with us. And thanks to the seemingly unlimited resources of pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood, all she can think of is . . . abortion.

But then, something changes. Thanks to the support of caring friends like you, that woman connects with a caring volunteer who schedules her for an appointment. At that appointment, she meets her baby for the first time through an ultrasound, learns about her baby’s development, and all of her pregnancy options.

This is what you make possible with your gift. Since 2020, pro-life people like you have saved 348 babies from abortion and shared the Gospel with over 330 parents. 

But we must act now if we want our community to be prepared to serve the increasing number of women and men who are searching for abortion clinics in our state.

By donating today, you will ensure that:

  • there’s always someone ready to take the call from a parent considering an abortion
  • our two clinics are equipped to serve their communities with ultrasounds and life-affirming counseling

Last year, pro-life people like you saved five babies from abortion every month through the LIFEline Coalition. Think of how many more lives we could save this year if our community steps up to meet the need brought by the end of Roe. 

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