Table Host

As a table host, enjoy the event with a table full of friends! Register yourself and any friends who plan to join you, or invite guests as you think of them! A table host commits to filling a table (8 seats) with individuals interested in learning more about the life-saving ministry of Lifeline Coalition. To become a host, you can sign up online by checking the box to be a table host when registering. You can then choose to add guests immediately or invite and add guests later on!

*Note: Your guest’s tickets will be reserved as soon as you add their information!


Walk me through how to become a table host!

1. Register yourselfBe sure to check the box next to “Yes, I would like to be a Table Host” when registering

2. Once you have completed the form click “Finished.” This will take you to a second page.

3. On the registration complete page, you have the option to “Register a New Person” or “Exit Online Registration”. If you know who will be attending the banquet with you, click “Register a New Person” to reserve a ticket for your guest. If you do not yet know who will be attending the banquet as your guest, click “Exit Online Registration“.

4. Check your emails for an email from FundEasy. This email will have a link button titled “Manage My Guest List” this will take you to your guest list manager. Keep this email for easy reference.

5. Anytime you want to reserve a ticket for a guest, open the  guest list manager and click “Register a New Guest”.

NOTE: You can also invite your friends to register from the guest list manager. Simply click on the “Invite Your Friends” button and complete the steps!

Have questions? Contact our office at or call us at  815-232-5433