Save A Baby From Abortion

You can help save a baby from abortion today!

Through the Lifeline Coalition’s life-saving medical services, you can help women in our community looking for abortions find the confidence they need to choose life for their unborn child.

*Zoe felt pressured to have an abortion until people like you showed her there was another option! 

I can’t have a baby right now.” Zoe’s text message to our helpline was straight and to the point. We thanked her for reaching out to us and asked if she had had an ultrasound yet. Zoe let us know that she had not and quickly set up an appointment with us to receive one.

Zoe was honest with us about her fears and concerns at her appointment. She was a single mom with very few resources. She felt trapped by her circumstances, believing that having this baby 

would take away from the quality of life her other children had by burdening the home financially. Zoe shared, “I don’t agree with abortion, but here I am.” When she saw her baby on the ultrasound and heard its heartbeat, the decision she was making began to sink in more deeply, and Zoe felt sick. The pressure to have an abortion was real, but Zoe could see that was her baby. She decided to take some time to think through her decision and come back for a second ultrasound.

Weeks passed as Zoe continued to push out her appointment with us. Our faithful prayer partners prayed for God to work in her heart. She finally returned and shared with us that she was choosing LIFE! Her family didn’t want her to have an abortion, and she didn’t want one either. Her face was filled with joy as she shared she was choosing LIFE for her baby.

Every month, generous pro-life people like you save approximately  9 babies in our community from abortion by providing life-affirming medical services.

People like you are eliminating the need for abortion in our community. The mission of Lifeline Coalition is to effectively serve the at-risk pregnant woman and empower her to choose life for her unborn child. This mission is becoming a reality!

Research shows that for some women learning about an unplanned pregnancy is as traumatizing as a stage 3 cancer diagnosis. Women like Zoe will often grasp the first solution to present itself in their moment of crisis. Over the past year, you have empowered 126 pregnant mothers to choose life for their unborn children! 

Sadly, abortion providers are also aware of the vulnerability of women facing unplanned pregnancies. Earlier this year, an abortion clinic providing first-trimester abortions opened in Winnebago County. A second abortion clinic providing second-trimester abortions is scheduled to open there next month. Our hearts break at the reality of what this means, not only for women in Winnebago County but for the women in our community who can now easily travel to get an abortion. We believe these clinics can be stopped but only if we come together to make life-affirming services available to women in need. This is why we are opening a satellite clinic in Winnebago County.

Through the Lifeline Coalition, you can ensure that mothers find a life-affirming support system and the medical services they need to choose life.

Your gift today will help mothers considering abortion by:


Providing free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and pregnancy decision coaching to those desperately looking for help with an unplanned pregnancy


Providing them the opportunity to speak with a trained medical professional who can minister to them as they struggle with their pregnancy decision


Providing continued support and community referrals for mothers who need help throughout their pregnancy 

Our goal is to raise $30,000, allowing us to connect with 1,000 women online this year. Your gift of $30 gives a woman the chance to receive the gift of motherhood instead of enduring the pain of abortion.

Would you prayerfully consider how many women you would like to give the gift of motherhood to?

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*Name changed to protect confidentiality.