Change For Life

Change For Life is our opportunity to come together as individuals and churches to help women in our community find the confidence to choose LIFE!

When you fill a baby bottle with change, you provide a woman considering abortion the chance to receive the support and medical services she needs to choose life. Because of the generosity of people like you, we saw 140 lives saved this past year! We believe that you can increase that number in 2024!

Will you partner with us in this easy way to make a life-saving impact? This year’s Change For Life campaign kicks off on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 21st. The campaign will wrap up on Sunday, February 18th. Our goal is to bring in $40,000! A little change from our pockets makes a BIG change in our community!

Generous individuals like you make it possible for women in our community considering abortion to find the hope of Christ and the courage they need to choose life.

Three ways you can participate . . .

1. Pick up a bottle at your church on Sunday, January 21st. Take it home, fill it with loose change (we accept bills and checks, too!), and return it to your church by February 18th. Call us at 815-232-5433 to arrange pick up and drop off of a bottle if your church doesn’t have any available for you.

2. Participate virtually without a baby bottle. You can make an online donation here.

3. Pray for abortion to be erased from our community. We have seen many women struggling with what to do regarding their pregnancy choose life when people like you have lifted them up in prayer. Prayer saves lives!

Sadie's Story

Sadie couldn’t believe the test she was holding was positive. She was flooded with emotions as she tried to process what this meant. She didn’t know what she wanted to do or what her next step should be. She pulled out her phone and started searching for “what to do with an unplanned pregnancy,” and that’s when she found us online.

Sadie shared at her first appointment with us how uncertain she felt. We were able to educate her on her options and provide her with an ultrasound. A few weeks later, Sadie reached back out, sharing that she was going to have an abortion as she was receiving pressure from those close to her. We encouraged her to return for another ultrasound. It was at that next appointment that Sadie shared she was choosing LIFE no matter what!

Thank YOU for making stories like this possible!

*Name and circumstances changed to protect individuals’ privacy.