Save A Baby From Abortion

You can save a baby from abortion right now!

Through the Lifeline Coalition’s life-saving medical services, you can help women in our community looking for abortions find the confidence they need to choose life for their unborn child.

*Ava was planning to have an abortion until YOU gave her the chance to see her baby via ultrasound!

“I just found out I am pregnant,” Ava told us. When the pregnancy test in Ava’s hand turned positive, she immediately turned to Google looking for abortion information. That is when an ad from our clinic popped up offering her help. Ava clicked on the ad and shared her situation with us.

At her appointment, Ava spoke about the overwhelming obstacles she faced. This baby was not the child of the man she was currently with. She was facing financial challenges, and she felt


guilt at the thought of diminishing her other children’s quality of life by spreading herself and her finances even further with another baby. Ava was not alone in her fears. Many women with an unplanned pregnancy find themselves facing the same obstacles and anxieties as Ava.

We listened to Ava’s story, educated her on her options, and offered her an ultrasound. When Ava saw her baby on the ultrasound screen, she shared, “It’s so amazing to see my baby!” Ava’s heart was softening.

At the end of her appointment, Ava shared that she no longer felt confident about her decision to have an abortion and agreed to come for a second ultrasound. When Ava returned the next week, she told us, “I’m keeping my baby!”

Ava thought abortion was the solution to her fears and anxiety. Your generosity allowed her to see that the life inside of her was more real than her fears!

People like you are eliminating the need for abortion in our community. The mission of Lifeline Coalition is to effectively serve the at-risk pregnant woman and empower her to choose life for her unborn child. This mission is becoming a reality!

Earlier this year, a first-trimester abortion clinic opened in Winnebago County. The Rockford Family Initiative has since reported that over 400 abortions have happened there already this year. A late-term abortion clinic is currently under construction in Winnebago County. Despite the efforts of pro-abortionists in our community, we are seeing great things accomplished! Since opening the doors of our Winnebago County clinic six months ago, we have met with over 80 women in the community facing unplanned pregnancies and have seen 40 lives saved! You are making a difference in our state!

Between our Freeport and Winnebago County clinics, we’ve met with over 240 women and seen 120 lives saved! You’ve given women facing an unplanned pregnancy somewhere other than the abortion clinic to go to. YOU have kept an abortion clinic from opening in Freeport, and YOU are going to close the abortion clinic that opened in Winnebago County this year! To complete this mission, we must continue to stand together.

Through the Lifeline Coalition, you can ensure that mothers find a life-affirming support system and the medical services they need to choose life.

Your gift today will help mothers considering abortion by:

Providing free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and pregnancy decision coaching to those desperately looking for help with an unplanned pregnancy
Providing them the opportunity to speak with a trained medical professional who can minister to them as they struggle with their pregnancy decision
Providing continued support and community referrals for mothers who need help throughout their pregnancy 

Our goal is to raise $30,000, allowing us to connect with 1000 women online this year. Your gift of $30 gives a woman the chance to connect with us and meet her baby for the first time through ultrasound.

Would you prayerfully consider how many women you would like to give the gift of meeting their baby?

Use the secure form below to rescue a mother and child today.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality.